Born on 20 August 1992, Pieter Steph du Toit is the first Eight Feet brother. He is a professional rugby player who currently has the honour of representing our beautiful rainbow nation by wearing the Green and Gold. Whenever he has a bit of time off, he likes to spend it in nature; he is passionate about protecting the planet and leaving a sustainable legacy for generations to come. 

Pieter Steph’s lifelong dream is to see people working together to achieve a common goal, and that is why it is so special to come together with his brothers to start an enterprise of their own. His brothers, in turn, see him as a great role model and looks up to him in everything he does and achieves. Pieter Steph works hard, doesn’t take short cuts and won’t ever compromise when it comes reaching his goals. Cool and calm under pressure, this gentle giant is a good friend, and a source of consistently great advice for everyone who knows him.


Born on 8 September 1995,  Johannes Willem du Toit is the second Eight Feet brother. He is a professional rugby player, passionate entrepreneur and an absolute adrenaline junky. Johan sees every day as a new opportunity for a bigger adventure, many of which involve the outdoors. 

The businessman among the brothers, his strongest attributes are his enthusiasm and drive to seek growth. His brothers see him as a mischievous character with a great sense of adventure, who nevertheless has a major sense of determination and an inner fire that propels him to seek out the next big thing. Through it all, he remains humble and willing to learn. Johan believes that the opportunity to create a brand with his brothers might just be his biggest adventure yet.


Born on 13 March 1998 on Friday the 13th, Anton Pierre du Toit is the third Eight Feet brother and a bit of an anomaly in the du Toit family. The only one to be born left-handed with brown eyes (and the only backline rugby player in the family!), he is also the keenest student, an avid reader and a bit of nerd even though he shares his brothers’ love of sports and the great outdoors.

Currently studying at the University of Stellenbosch to pursue his dream of becoming a medical doctor, Anton believes his contribution to the Eight Feet brand will be to bring different ideas and perspectives to the table. His brothers see him as an energetic dynamo with great focus and an unshakeable sense of integrity. 


Born on 20 September 1999, Daniel Bruwer du Toit is the fourth Eight Feet brother and the youngest of the brood. He is currently BSc Agricultural science at the University of Stellenbosch, following his lifelong dream of waking up and working on a beautiful farm like his father did before him. Daniel is at his happiest when he is working and interacting with people, and looks forward to creating something with his brothers that will stand to benefit the whole community. 

His brothers sees him as a people person who, very similar to their father, has a deep-seated need to create an inclusive, uplifting space in which people from all walks of life can flourish. His biggest talent is the ability to get along with everyone. Happy-go-lucky and trustworthy to the core, he is often the family’s biggest example even though he is the youngest. 

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